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The Devils Treasures; Catching Fire

Posted in on by David Sarch

Below is the first installment of The Devils Treasures which showcases different forms of memorabilia, merchandise and tattoos related to the New Jersey Devils.  If you have something you want to submit, please email it to TalkingRed[@]

One of every Devils fans favorite nights of the year is retro night.  There is something about the green jerseys, the old school graphics on the scoreboard, Bob Arsena’s familiar voice over the PA and of course – Catch Fire.

In 1988 Ice World Records and the New Jersey Devils released the hit single Catch Fire.  It was considered the official song of the New Jersey Devils and was just so cheesy 80’s.  If you listened to any of our episodes around St. Patrick’s day you’ve probably heard clips of it but rather than finding words to describe it, you can listen to it below

This song was released on two different generic cymbalta formats.  I own a copy of the vinyl that was pressed on translucent red and couldn’t find anything about any other pressings.  There is also a cassette version that I’ve never actually seen.   Even though CD’s are a dying format now, it’s hard to believe there was no actual CD release of this gem.  The A-side of the vinyl features the normal vocal track, and the B-Side is the instrumental version.  If you do have a copy of the cassette, please let me know.  I’d love to see it/get my hands on it.

The unforgettable vocals were performed by Will Lee who is still an active musician.  His website is located at .


The back of the package is seen below.

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  • iuuso

    Oh good that song sounds good. Especially i love drums of the 80’s. I think i have found my new ringtone!

  • philbenhophed

    What is value of the vinyl single?

    • David Sarch

      To be honest, I’m not sure. I couldn’t imagine it being very much though.