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Talking Red Episode 88: The Eric Lindros Edition

Posted in on by EJ Fagan

With Dave out of town, E.J. Fagan and Dan Pennucci of Talking Red are joined by John Fischer of In Lou We Trust. They discuss the latest news from the NHL lockout and Albany order cipro 500 mg Devils training camp. Then, in honor of Talking Red’s 88th episode, the group discusses the career of Eric Lindros.

The episode is 44 minutes long and 21 mb. You can download it here.

  • devils fan

    what the fuck is up with this podcast? everyone’s talking over everybody and everyone’s volumes are fucked, dead air everywhere
    get your shit together!

    • David Sarch

      Sorry about the tech problems this week. There wasn’t anything I could
      do to fix it but next week will be back to normal when I am back.

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