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The Devils Treasures; 1988 Patrick Division Champions

Posted in on by David Sarch

Below is the latest installment of The Devils Treasures which showcases different forms of memorabilia, merchandise and tattoos related to the New Jersey Devils.  If you have something you want to submit, please email it to TalkingRed[@]

This weeks Devils Treasure was submitted by Padraic Jenkins.   It’s the 1988 Patrick Division Championship shirt, he shares:

This artifact is our first official championship shirt! I received it of course in 1988 during that magical run. I was six at the time but I do remember the excitement of the time. It is still in good shape adult small the logo looks a bit weird but a trademark symbol is on the logo and the shirt is still white, with red and green. I remember my mother and father screaming when MacLean scored that goal against the Blackhawks and my father getting those playoff tickets in the mail for the first generic cipro time. We were season ticket holders and that was huge to finally go to Devils playoff game. The atmosphere changed at the arena. Looking back it was odd to think of my father coming home from work the day after beating the Capitals and winning just two playoff series with tee shirts for everyone in the family but it was huge. I’m glad I held on to it all these years and would never part with it.


Quite frankly I am impressed with how white a child was able to keep this shirt .   But in all honesty, I really do like this shirt.  The cursive and exclamation point just ooze excitement.

Thanks to Padraic for sending in.  Don’t forget if you have a Devils treasure or as Padraic put it, artifact, please send them to talkingred[@]