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The Devils Treasures; New Jersey Emo Edition

Posted in on by David Sarch

Below is the latest installment of The Devils Treasures which showcases different forms of memorabilia, merchandise and tattoos related to the New Jersey Devils.  If you have something you want to submit, please email it to TalkingRed[@]

One thing we all love is when we are able to combine our passions and for me, this shirt did just that.  The treasure above is a shirt I purchased at the Bamboozle Music festival in 2005.  The shirt was put out by the band Hidden In Plain View, and it manages to combine the vintage online pharmacy uk green, the famous NJ logo but turning the N to an “H” to represent the band name.

As for the band itself, Hidden In Plain View was an emo/pop-punk band from North Jersey that was signed to Drive-Thru Records, where they released their full-length record Life In Dreaming.   They broke up in 2007 but you can check out some of their music on Myspace  (yes, they are so old they didn’t have a Facebook page) or Purevolume or my personal favorite song of theirs, “An American Classic”, on youtube.